4 Top Tips for New Year Productivity

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This week, most are finding their feet again after some time off over the Christmas holidays. Waking up wondering why your alarm is going off in the middle of the night, when it dawns on you. The party’s over, you’re going back to work.


However there’s a new party to consider, and you’re all invited! Once you adapt to waking up before 11am, your mind inevitably wanders to the exciting new frontier that lies ahead. This is a whole new year and an opportunity for a whole new you. Many set resolutions with the greatest of intentions (there’s a reason January is the biggest month of the year for gym memberships!) to do this year what they may have lacked the year prior.


We all know by now that these “rebirths” are often short lived. But we also know that one friend, family member or blogger who managed to stick to something for a whole year! It is this romantic idea of beating all the odds that we find so fascinating. Setting an example of that magnitude could be incredibly rewarding. If that isn’t motivation to stick to your resolutions then I don’t know what is.


However, for those who may need a little help to get you started, here are 4 top tips on staying productive at the start of 2019…


Wake up earlier


I know, I know. This is much easier said than done after sleeping in most of the Christmas holiday. This is the first top tip for a reason. Once you get this one down, you may have more than a fighting chance.


Waking up before everyone else allows you to get your thoughts together without distraction. Planning your day or even getting a jump on your workload while others are in their slumber is a great competitive advantage. Similar early morning strategies are implemented by some of the most successful individuals around. Such early risers include Apple CEO Tim Cook, Michelle Obama and Richard Branson to name a few.


A tip within a tip…

(Yes, it’s the ‘inception’ of top-tip blogs!)


How often do you wake up and immediately grab your phone to scroll through everything you may have missed during a pesky nights’ sleep? I for one am terrible for this but have developed a way this can be used to your advantage. Leave your phone in another room before you go to bed and you’ll be forced to get up from under those covers when you wake up. But don’t forget to make your bed as a deterrent to getting back in! This may require investing in a bedside alarm clock but trust me, it’s worth it.


Disable Notifications


Which brings us nicely along to the second tip. Our Smartphones have had teams of people developing devices to captivate our attention. It has gotten to a point of addiction for most so you’re not alone if you begin feeling withdrawals with this one.


Without even looking at you’re your Smartphone, it can pull you out of any “groove” you were lucky enough to be in. A bleep here, or a vibration there can really get your imagination wandering down a rabbit hole. Only to find out DFS are having another sale… A suggestion is to leave your phone on silent (not vibrate) and out of sight. That way you’ll decide when you want to look at it, not the other way around!


Reward Yourself


Similar to our last piece on productivity, there are simple ways of rewarding yourself. Like spending time with friends and family once you can honestly say you’ve accomplished what you set out to.


We use deadlines more often than we realise as it can be quite subconscious. But often leads to procrastination. If we flip it on it’s head, we’ll be much more motivated to complete tasks before work deadlines. Especially when the deadlines we set for ourselves will be associated with fun and relaxation.


Change your environment


A new year is a great time to start thinking bigger. Those working from home or surfing coffee shops to find the best WiFi can become tedious and stressful after a while. Carving out a new space to get your head down and work is a powerful intention. It sets in stone your desire to go to work. Kickstarting your brain into thinking “this is where I go to be productive”.

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