5 ways to SMASH your to-do list!

smash your to do list

Envision Success

There are those occasions when the more you think about what you have to do, the more you worry about it and thus the more you want to avoid it all! But if we took a step back and looked at it logically, we would see how obviously counter-productive this mind set is. Wishing it away is not how this works but imagination can help by just picturing a week from now having completed all of your tasks. It is the act of picturing your success that starts to motivate us and begin to work backwards thinking about what needs to be done to get there.

Just Do It!

Yes, it sounds obvious. Most procrastination starts with the mental debate of “I don’t know where to start”. If it is unclear which task should take priority, just pick one and get started. Never mind the rest for now. Concentrate solely on the task at hand and, one by one, you’ll see that ‘done’ pile start to stack up.

Work in Increments

We know that blocking off an entire day for one task is unlikely if not impossible. But scheduling an hour or so to a task is much more manageable and forces some solid time dedicated to it’s steady completion. Another benefit to this method is that it breaks up the day. When you start to become bored with one task, you can happily move over to another with exuberance.

Creative Flow

When going between tasks it also helps not to do the interesting or creative ones all at once. Though our aim is to get through as many tasks as we can, it also helps to retain a sense of enjoyment. It’s not quite taking a holiday but doing more enjoyable work can keep us refreshed rather than bogged down in the day-to-day.

Keep your List Up-to-date

Over time your to-do list may not accurately represent what now needs to be done. In order to prioritise efficiently, check your list once a day. It doesn’t matter what point in time you check it throughout the day but it can be helpful to at least check at the end of the work day so the list can be properly prepared for the next day. You’ll thank yourself in the morning when you get off to a flying start!

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