Acorn Enterprise

Acorn Enterprise - Business Accelerator Programme

Acorn Enterprise is run by business owners who want to give back.

Their mission is to grow Scotland’s entrepreneurial culture.

They’re creating a real movement that will lead to a fundamental change. Not only in attitude and behaviour, but in success and prosperity for small business everywhere.

Since launching in 2013, they have worked with over 100 entrepreneurs.

From their bases at Rosyth Business Centre, and at The Flour Mill Dundee,  they will encourage, educate and support you and your business in a collaborative and dynamic environment.

There are a number of reasons a great business idea never becomes a great business.  Acorn Enterprise give you the skills to remove those barriers and help you achieve success.

Since launching in 2013, they have worked with over 100 entrepreneurs. As business owners themselves, they understand the seemingly insurmountable challenges new businesses face.

An Accelerator Programme that delivers real results.

Their Business Accelerator Programmes, and Acorn Business Bootcamps help new business owners and student entrepreneurs to face those challenges head on and succeed.

After experiencing increasing frustration at the well-funded levels of support for high-growth and high-tech industries, but seeing little for more traditional or micro enterprises, they sought to affect change.  By creating the Acorn programme, they sought to plug the gap in support for those types of businesses.

Their intensive 20 week Business Accelerator Programme and other events make sure no business is left behind.  Of those that have graduated from the Programme, 70% are still growing and thriving.  Statistics show that on average, 90% of new businesses fail in their first year!  Their programme works.

Their commitment to small business is inspiring. You can find out how to be part of the Acorn Enterprise story here.

Remember, from little Acorns…mighty Oaks grow!

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

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