Beat the Beast from the East!

work on a snow day

Technology has changed the world of work.  This hits me as I type this on my laptop connected up to wifi looking out at the snow covered landscape.  The proliferation of mobile devices, wifi networks and superfast internet access has given most of us choices about where we work.

The Beast from the East

As most of the primary and secondary schools around us in Fife, Perth and Kinross close due to a few inches of snow thanks to the Beast from the East. The knock on effect for parents and families is all too evident. Many parents are having to stay home from work and those who have long commutes are encouraged not to travel. Some external factors like the weather can’t be controlled, but how we react to the challenges is up to you and I.

Those of us with businesses, particularly B2C, are acutely aware of how the weather can affect sales and costs. However, as we move increasingly online it is more about getting access to good internet in a professional space with coffee.  Those things determine  whether we can minimise the disruption and get a good day’s work done.

Work Smarter

The rise of Coworking is hard to ignore. WeWork is often mentioned and has grown from zero to a $20 billion dollar valuation in 8 years. There are literally thousands of alternative locations all over the world. Multiple brands are forming to offer many different forms of cowork, hot desking and shared offices. Generally concentrating on spaces in city centres. However, smaller local brands like LibertySpace are developing creative environments in secondary locations and towns. Coworking environments can be fantastically creative and productive. Spaces where like minded individuals can share ideas and skills to build and grow new opportunities in  locations that suit them.

Drop-in office space

Our own experience of running a coworking network with locations in Rosyth, Kinross and Dundee has been a great experience. Whilst our main offering is still renting serviced offices, our customers are increasingly demanding alternative ways of consuming space. We now help a number of customers who just use our shared spaces on a day rate basis. Need a quiet focused day not far from home? The weather making it difficult to get to your city centre office? Drop in and use a warm professional space near home. It has the all-important internet connection, no family distractions and of course coffee.

So next time “Snowmagedon” hits, why not look for a local business hub and see if they offer drop-in space. Helping you to keep focused on your business and work productively despite the weather.  LibertySpace and technology give you choices.

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.