Benefits of Meeting Off-Site

libertyspace off-site meetings

Off-site meetings can be a real benefit to any business.

Every organisation has times when a distraction-free meet up is essential.

But not every business has the resources to set aside a room specifically for that purpose. That’s where off-site meeting rooms come in.

Book in full or half days and with options for catering and tech available, off-site meetings in these spaces can offer real benefits.

Creativity is essential whether you are in the ‘creative’ sector or not. A weekly meeting every Monday at 9am in the same conference room with the same bums on the same seats? Doesn’t really inspire the creative juices does it?  Don’t underestimate the power of a change of scene.

Available to book in half hour increments, with rooms of varying sizes, LibertySpace and others like them will be able to talk you through the process.  They can give you advice on how to structure your event and what type of space will best suit your needs.

Why go off-site?

Training and education in the workplace are vital to strengthening your business and empowering your workforce.  Hosting these events away from your normal place of business removes the distractions that might upset the flow.

It can also encourage less confident team members to find their voice in a neutral space.

Plan for success by making sure that everyone is aware in advance of the goals of your off-site meetings.  Usually they are held to assist in coming to a consensus about a complex or troublesome issue or range of issues.  If everyone is up to speed on the agenda, you are more likely to reach a positive outcome.

Make a Day of it

Tying in an off-site meeting with a related team-building or brainstorming event can be a great team-strengthening exercise.

Relationships are what make workplaces work, or not.  Make sure you give all the relationships in your business – between groups, departments and individuals – a place to thrive, or at the very least time and space to gain a little understanding of each other and where they fit in the organisation.

Differences of opinion in the workplace are normal but those where consensus isn’t given a chance to be reached are rarely solved.  Little niggles become big problems. Often just for the lack of some open discussion.  Regular off-sites take away some of the baggage surrounding those differences of opinion. Hearing what colleagues think or how they view a certain situation can bring real clarity and foster new and stronger relationships.  Sitting around over a shared lunch can also bring out discussions we don’t give time to otherwise.  Choking down a baguette al desko in ten minutes isn’t conducive to meaningful conversation.

Even one or two off site get togethers a year, particularly when catered or having an activity tacked on can really bring a team together.

Talk to us about how we can help you reach your off-site meetings goals.

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.