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shop local at Christmas

The Best Ways to Celebrate Small Business Saturday

We’ve got something for you to celebrate this holiday season, and we’re not referring to Christmas! Each year, the United …

coworking or office space

Choose What is Right for Your Business– Coworking or Office Space?

Not every business or company requires a large building packed with individual office spaces to function successfully. While working in …

returning to the office

Returning to the Office – Would You Choose Flexibility or a Pay Raise?

Now that the world has a better understanding of how to handle the recent pandemic. Many businesses are asking their …

cut the commute

Cut the Commute for Your Health by Remote Working

Cutting your commute to work could improve your health For some of us lucky home workers, the commute is little …

hybrid flexible workspace model

The Benefits of Implementing a Company Flexible Workspace

Companies and businesses from around the world are embracing a hybrid work model, and it’s very clear why! Hybrid work …

flexible licence

Benefits of a Flexible Licence Agreement

Throughout the past year it has become inevitable that companies must look at how their business runs and evaluate the …