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The Art of Storytelling in Business

Business meetings across the land are throwing around the buzzword “storytelling”. What this means is that it has become essential …

Why the Human Touch can’t be Replaced in Business

Recently we’ve discussed the changes of business in the modern world. Specifically, the effects of technology and what it means …

Business Lounge @ the Flour Mill

A quick tour of the brand-new Business Lounge at the Flour Mill Dundee as we give you the latest updates …

Digital Detox: Take a break from screen time

Getting swept up in the latest technology is a part of life’s modern day fabric. Todays gadgets are works of …

Emerging technology and small businesses

Like the industrial revolution of the 18th to 19th centuries, the tech revolution is set to change the world as …

Is social media making us all the same?

While scrolling through Instagram this week, a now commonplace hashtag really got us thinking about the new world of influencers …