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distributed teams

Why more companies are favouring distributed teams

Companies everywhere are electing more and more for remote workers, allowing for a wider spread presence globally. For some industries, …

storage space

Top 5 Benefits of using Storage Space

Remember when minimalism was the word on everyone’s lips for about a second? We do, we wrote a blog about …

location costing your business

How much is location costing your business?

Serviced offices are a well established and much needed service. Wherever you are, there is no doubt an office, fixed …


Introducing… The Groworker.

Coworking as an industry is STILL growing at an incredible rate. With our extensive experience in the flexible workspace market, …

serviced offices

Top Benefits of Serviced Offices

Flexibility Though some may be able to better than others, businesses do not always know what the future holds. Serviced …

how much office space

How much office space do you really need?

“Ok Google, how much office space will I need?”. We’ve all been there, but unfortunately there is no one answer …