Workplaces are encouraging home working. Where to work when home isn’t an option?

With social distancing measures now becoming a serious consideration for many employers in the UK, workplaces are closing across the nation in an attempt to stave off the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). What may have been considered erring on the side of caution is fast becoming an isolating trend among the majority. Some who […]

The Necessity of Failure in Business

Failure. The “F” word. A word that brings at least a subtle anxiety if not outright dread. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs however, have flipped the way they choose to look at the word. Not to change its meaning but to change the way they perceive it. It happens to the best of us […]

Trends to Inspire New Businesses

As with every generation, the way of the world is changing. And with it, the way we make purchases, spend our free time and of course, do business… Here are some emerging trends for the forward-thinking entrepreneur to capitalise on! Peer to Peer Entrepreneur Groups There are a variety of unique lessons that are learned […]