Ways to improve any work space

improve workspace

Here in Britain, the average person will work 3,507 days over their lifetime including 204 days of overtime. How many of you are thinking “it feels like a lot more than that to me”? That’s probably why a recent poll found that British people think about quitting their job around 16 times a year! “Do […]

Why more companies are favouring distributed teams

distributed teams

Companies everywhere are electing more and more for remote workers, allowing for a wider spread presence globally. For some industries, this is becoming essential for remaining competitive. The employee landscape is slowly but surely changing. If you haven’t given much consideration to distributed teams, you may soon have to. Here are the top reasons why […]

Meeting Rooms – Top 5 Benefits

Meeting Room Rosyth

Since sharing our beautifully renovated meeting rooms with you all, we began delving into some more of the benefits these spaces offer. No matter how much business practices evolve, there is no substitute for the personal touch. Here are our top 5 benefits of meeting rooms:   Maintain the Magic   When it comes to […]