The Necessity of Failure in Business

Failure. The “F” word. A word that brings at least a subtle anxiety if not outright dread. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs however, have flipped the way they choose to look at the word. Not to change its meaning but to change the way they perceive it. It happens to the best of us […]

The Art of Storytelling in Business

Business meetings across the land are throwing around the buzzword “storytelling”. What this means is that it has become essential for businesses to project a story that speaks to their customers. Here we’ll discuss just some of the reasons why it has become so important… Making memories We often forget that the stories we hear […]

Why the Human Touch can’t be Replaced in Business

Recently we’ve discussed the changes of business in the modern world. Specifically, the effects of technology and what it means for businesses. This got us to thinking that no matter how advanced technology gets, we will always respond well to human interaction. Consumers now more than ever crave the personal touch when it comes to […]