Workplaces are encouraging home working. Where to work when home isn’t an option?

With social distancing measures now becoming a serious consideration for many employers in the UK, workplaces are closing across the nation in an attempt to stave off the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). What may have been considered erring on the side of caution is fast becoming an isolating trend among the majority. Some who […]

Reasons you’ll thrive in a coworking space

With the wide range of freelancers, remote workers and everyone in-between benefitting from shared, communal spaces in a professional setting, it’s no surprise that traditional work spaces are looking to this environment for inspiration in improving productivity. Community These spaces differ from traditional office spaces in terms of diverse opportunity as well as the individualism […]

Easy Ways to Reduce Work Stress

It’s funny. When we’re most stressed out, the thing that tends to tip us over the edge is being told to ‘relax’. This is not an intended tipping point but we do have some easier ways of restoring some balance when you start to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. As the […]