Digital Detox: Take a break from screen time

digital detox

Getting swept up in the latest technology is a part of life’s modern day fabric. Todays gadgets are works of art and engineering. Screens are getting bigger and brighter with breath-taking resolution and sumptuously saturated colours. No wonder we can’t take our eyes off them! But that’s the point now isn’t it. Every now and then we hear about the nature of companies vying for our attention. Investing increasingly more into psychological research in order to keep us hooked.

Under these conditions, curbing your screen addiction can be difficult. That’s why you need to get creative! Here are a few steps to take towards digital detox.

No screens in the bedroom

Especially in the mornings. Think how much time would be wasted falling deeper down the digital rabbit hole instead of getting up and out of bed as soon as you wake up. One trick here is to charge your phone overnight somewhere other than your bedroom. Not only does this mean getting to sleep more easily at night but means you have to get up and walk to another room with the incentive of looking at your phone. Sneaky manufacturers have built in phone alarms for this reason so you’ll have to invest in an alarm clock.

“Alexa, what do I need a screen for?”

In order to get away from screen time, you may have to fight the urge with the help of another piece of tech. With smart speakers from Amazon, Google and a range of others, it is much easier to ask those quick questions rather than firing up one of your many screens and typing it into your browser. And remember that alarm clock problem? These smart speakers can wake you up in the morning with a range of sounds or your favourite radio channel.

There’s an app for that

You know this issue has reached the wider social consciousness when there’s a whole host of apps helping you to curb your screen time. The app-tly named Freedom (ios), Space (ios, android) and App Detox (android) allow you to easily create rules to limit access to certain apps.

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