Introducing… The Groworker.


Coworking as an industry is STILL growing at an incredible rate. With our extensive experience in the flexible workspace market, we at LibertySpace have seen the growth first hand.

Not only is the market as a whole experiencing growth but the avid users who gain so much from all the benefits which coworking provides. We call them “groworkers”!

Who is the groworker?

The groworker is a business savvy individual who starts out by booking a hot desk but soon needs more, then a little more, then A LOT more as their business grows.

Hot desk

As most do when they first start out, the groworker books time at a hot desk to get away from the kitchen table (and the washing machine on spin cycle) when working from home. LibertySpace knows all too well that this phase is only the beginning… The social aspect coupled with the networking opportunities of a bustling coworker hub can do wonders for a budding business.

Fixed desk

Soon the groworkers’ natural evolution requires more time at their desk as well as everything that goes with it. Fixed desks allow the same social benefits and opportunities but with a space to call their very own. As they progress past the point of a sole laptop, creatives and professionals alike find it handy to lock away their tools of the trade in their desk rather than taking it with them each time they call it a day (which doesn’t have to be at 5 o’clock sharp either). It frees up much of the space that would otherwise pile up around the house too.

Private work space

A coworker no more, this is the height of success for the groworker. While business is serious at all levels, there comes a point where privacy becomes a much more important commodity. Four walls and a door may not sound that exciting but that’s where all the really exciting stuff happens. Like those at fixed desks, growth in one aspect often means growth in another. At the private work space level, storage often goes hand in hand. Many of those who have grown through each stage or their businesses with us have opted for self-store units up to warehousing with office attached!

This evolution has to start somewhere… Wherever you are in your business journey, we have what you’ll need at each and every stage.

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.