From Little Acorns, Mighty Oaks Grow… The Journey of a Start-up With Acorn Enterprise and LibertySpace.

Journey Acorn LibertySpace

LibertySpace and Acorn Enterprise work together because we believe that better help can be provided for entrepreneurs starting up their own business. We want to see you succeed throughout your journey and provide as much help as we can along the way.

We lift the lid on the typical journey of Acorns who start on the Acorn Enterprise Accelerator Programme – take up space with us at LibertySpace – and continue to see success and growth.

Entrepreneurs. From Little Acorns…

Within the LibertySpace centres, Acorn Enterprise offers a FREE 20-week Accelerator Programme offering a seminar every week on the basic business skills you need to take your business to the next level. It helps build confidence and clarity so by the end of the programme you’re ready to take on the world!

The programme accepts entrepreneurs from idea stage to business owners with around three years trading under their belts.

Work On Your Business

At the beginning you will be excited and nervous to get started. You will probably also be thinking, “Have I got the time to dedicate to this?”

Four hours per week for 20 weeks is time well spent working on your business rather than in your business.

The first few seminars will really get you thinking, taking you through mind-set and goal setting. Many Acorns have some deep thinking to do at this point and go away confused. You might get frustrated. You might be mind blown.  The programme can help you to see that the path you thought you were on may not be the right one. A pivot of focus in life.

The next stages focus on many different aspects of marketing, networking, law and sales taught by growing entrepreneurs who are experts in their field. This allows you to know what to focus on and up your marketing game.

At this point you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the information being presented to you in such a short space of time. But by continuing to set your goals in line with the seminars you will be chipping away at your business every week.

A Seminar with Impact

One of the most impactful seminars you will come across on the programme is hosted by Gaynor from Condies talking about your journey and energy and positioning. This seminar has seen enormous empowerment ripple through the Acorns ready to not only take on business but life as well.

Gaynor brings a much-needed energy at the end of the programme that brings everything together through her insights and energy that gives Acorns that final boost.

By the graduation you will have been through all the emotions! You come out at the other end more excited and confident about your business than you have ever been. Ready to become that Mighty Oak.

Mighty Oaks grow with LibertySpace.

Throughout the Accelerator Programme, Acorns get used to the feeling of having their own space. They enjoy being part of both the Liberty and Acorn Communities. We find in many cases, the entrepreneur wants to take on their own professional space to work to allow them to grow their business and keep connected to the community.

Acorns get discount for the first 3 months after the programme with LibertySpace.  

LibertySpace is passionate about seeing other small businesses succeed in local communities. That is why we provide affordable and flexible space solutions for new businesses to help them grow.

Award winning Mighty Oaks on their journeys with us include Bearded Basturds, Loca Beverages, Know You More and Path to Pilot.

We have also had Mighty Oaks move on and secure their own premises as their business has expanded including Red Rock Music in Arbroath and Bearded Basturds who have started their own franchise in Dunfermline.

LibertySpace has a wide community of businesses across their centres. Often we find that businesses share and network for each other. Spreading the word about other LibertySpace family members.  They also benefit from the expertise of more established users for advice or to bounce ideas off.

The community is welcoming and want to see each other succeed.  

From a little Acorn looking for direction, to an award winning Mighty Oak with their very own premises, this could be you. This journey takes on average two years, but everyone is different.

If this a journey you see yourself and your business on, you can join the Acorn Accelerator waiting list here. To find a space or community, contact us at


Join us!

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.

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