Know New Business

We Know New Business

At LibertySpace we know new business. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and new business owners on their journey to success. We understand that finding a suitable space when starting out can be tough in terms of flexibility and affordability. You don’t want to be tied down in long term contract and know new business strategy and goals can change very quickly.

We also recognise that when you start out it can be difficult to navigate the system and find out what help and advice you need.

Who are the best people to talk to?

What changes do I need to make to succeed?

We figured if we could make the start of the process easier, you’d be able to focus on the stuff that matters.

How Can We Help You?


Funds can be tight when you have your own business and the space at home might not be practical enough for you to focus on your work. You may even want a space that you know you can leave and that is your work done for the day. This is why we offer both coworking and office spaces that are affordable and flexible.

You won’t find scooters, beanbags and challenging, thought-provoking art in our spaces. There are no juice bars or slides.  We don’t have lunchtime beach volleyball.

What we do provide are affordable, functional spaces. We prefer stripped back and simple. It keeps costs down and keeps you focussed.

Our staff are friendly and efficient.  You can decorate your spaces to fit your business culture.  We offer add on services like printing, call handling and mail management.

Think form and function without the faff.


As a small business owner, things change fast. You may need to grow your team quickly as a big contract has come your way. Or, you may need to downsize as your business evolves and alters.

We recognise this need for change and are always open for a chat to discuss your requirements. We can usually source a larger office for you quickly, saving the hassle of a big move. Or if you feel that you are rattling around, no problem, we can look at downsizing or switching to shared space.

During the sales process we ask a lot of questions, we do this in order to figure out the best space solution for you. With our experience we’ve seen entrepreneurs go too big too early.  We don’t want you feeling overstretched so we’ll match the space to your needs.

We want to see you succeed.

New Business Advice

Having been through the start-up process ourselves, we came across the same challenges.  If only there was some way to sort out the useful stuff from the nonsense.  The must-dos from the don’t bothers.  On-hand accessible advice from experts.

So, in 2013 we partnered up with Acorn Enterprise to provide new businesses with a free a 20 week Business Accelerator Programme. The programme covers the basics of marketing, sales, law, finance, goal setting, and time management and lots more of the must dos.

We’ve helped over 150 businesses over that time and more than 70% of those are still going strong. Lots of them are now LibertySpace customers, but some outgrew us or changed their model in line with the changing needs of their business.  We’re fine with that. We’re happy to be part of the journey.

The great thing about being in LibertySpace is that there are a range of businesses at different stages of that journey who will be happy to give you advice. There is always someone able to point you in the right direction, wherever that may be.

Space is so much more than just a room or a desk.  The right space can get your new business off to the best start and on the road to victory.

Talk to us about what space could work for you.

Success made simple.

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.