Living Simply: Minimalism

Minimalism. The popular new trend we have seen emerge in recent years is in reaction to what some would describe as rampant consumerism. Or at least in reflection of the effects our personal consumption has had in years past. Things accumulate because we rarely take time to stop and consider what we need internally, instead of external wants. The accumulation of physical products can become a weight on the conscious and perhaps even more so, subconscious.


Living with intention


In no small part is this promoted within the digital realm. With the advent of social media, our digital lives include the impossible task of keeping up with the Jones’s when the Jones’s are in our pockets, on our smartphones, everywhere we go! Not only that but would our peers post anything unflattering? well maybe, but that is never usually the intention. Our online selves depict our best selves, externally. How can we compete with fictional, airbrushed lives filled with all of the accompanying “things”? Consider what it might do to our own contentment when we fall into the same trap of “fake it ‘til you make it”. This is where minimalism comes in, and why it is making such huge waves as a philosophy.


Out of sight, out of mind


In the business world though, physical evidence has always been important to showing clients and customers a successful, profitable business. To completely remove such evidence may not be in the best interest of the business, but to choose what to show and when is an entirely different matter. Whether it be your business or personal life, being minimalist is not about disallowing yourself from having the things that make you happy or successful, but to be aware not to let the things you consume, consume you. Storage can be a great solution to clearing your physical and mental space.

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