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LibertySpace have a number of centres spread across Fife and Kinross offering offices, co-working space and storage.  Complete with a range of added services, they provide the right environment for businesses to thrive.


LibertySpace are passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and young businesses. Providing the right space and environment for you is important to us .We want to help you soar. As you grow, our flexibility grows with you too. Need to increase your staff? We can extend your office. Need to find a space for your products? We have storage and warehouses.


We have business centres near Dunfermline, Rosyth, Dalgety Bay, Kinross.  Our most recent project is the Flour Mill, a great office and coworking space in Dundee. Each centre has its own unique environment with a spectrum of businesses across all sites. A great ecosystem to tap in to if you are looking for a real community.


This blog describes each of the unique business centres to give you a feel for their environments. You might find a particular centre might benefit your business better.


Rosyth Business Centre

Rosyth Business Centre is based right next to Rosyth Dockyard. This centre has both office space, starting from 1 person, and a Hubspace for coworking. Consequently, the Rosyth Business Centre has become our hub for new entrepreneurs and SMEs. There is a great vibe at this centre with lots of friendly faces around and plenty of collaboration. Particularly helpful if you are in the early stages of your business.

Liberty House

Liberty House is a 30 second walk across from the Rosyth Business Centre in Rosyth. This centre has become a power house for larger enterprises on the verge of going it alone with their continued growth. These businesses tend to have their own large teams that they focus on and are there to precisely focus on their businesses.


If you are feeling squeezed in your current office space and have plans to grow your team without taking on the commitment of a full building, Liberty House is a great choice for you.


Dalgety Bay Business Centre

Our Dalgety Bay Business Centre used to be an Army base now turned into office and studio spaces. The Dalgety Bay centre has an eclectic mix of businesses and has become popular with holistic therapies.  Great if you fancy a bit of me time in the work day!

This is a great space to set up your own studio if you are feeling squeezed in the house as your client base grows without the full financial burden of taking up a full shop yet. In addition, we will provide a reception service to welcome your clients so you don’t have to and you can set up and decorate your studio to match your business.


The centre is not all studios, there are other small businesses such as financial services and mortgage brokers that have set up their offices in the centre so if you are in or around the Dalgety Bay area looking for some working space we can tailor to your needs.


Kinross Business Centre

Our Kinross Business Centre is located right on the main high street, formally a court house and mortuary (grim I know!). The building is now home to the beautiful Court House Restaurant, office and studio spaces and a co-work hub.

Kinross Business Centre has a very quiet and friendly atmosphere with most clients from around the Kinross area knowing familiar faces in the community. Breakfast and lunch is sorted, you can just pop down stairs and grab a taste of the delicious menus on offer at The Court House whilst taking in the atmosphere of the buzzing community.


Kinross Business Centre is our smallest centre and tends to be a very busy one, but don’t let that put you off enquiring for space. It’s great to have a chat and see what we can do for you.


Flour Mill Dundee

Flour Mill Dundee is our sister company and newest project on the scene. The Flour Mill is currently under renovation which will provide office spaces, studios and co-working right in the creative centre of Dundee.


The building has an immense history and works carried out are delicate to ensure the preservation of the beautiful historic building whilst providing a cool working environment in Scotland’s upcoming city.


The Flour Mill are currently taking enquiries for space but act quick as spaces are filling up fast in the exciting city.



Whilst each centre has its own unique environment, sometimes convenience comes first and foremost. You are very welcome to take up space at any centre whether it be and office, studio or co-working. Furthermore, in taking up a co-working or desk membership with us is that you get to use any of our centres.  If you usually work in Kinross but have a meeting in Edinburgh in the afternoon, pop in to the Rosyth centre to make your journey easier.


LibertySpace are here to support you and help you grow on your business journey. There are plenty of experts around to point you in the right direction if you are needing some advice. It is in our best interest to help you grow because you help us grow too.


Success made simple.


If you are interested in taking up space at any of our centres you can enquire (here).

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.