One to watch – Bearded Basturds

LibertySpace family - Bearded Basturds -

We just can’t stop talking about our  LibertySpace family.  Meet Bearded Basturds. A skincare success story.

The extraordinary and controversially named Bearded Basturds is owned and driven by Craig McKay. A home-grown start-up working out of our very own Rosyth Business Centre.  Frustated by his young son’s skincare sensitvities, Craig did some research.  As a result, he created a men’s skincare company that boasts all natural ingredients infused with essential oils. The real selling point is the brand’s tongue in cheek attitude to work, play and life. Their products are now demand in over 10 different countries. Less than a year after he started the business.

“Organic growth”

Craig’s fascinating story all began when he started the company with his last £60. All profits made since then have been invested right back into the business. The first order would fund the second, the second would fund advertising for the third and so on. The model built upon success time after time. With no financial backing, Bearded Basturds has gained international success by investing in itself 100% in every sense.

“I was on a mission and no one was getting in my way”

Creating a well-established business with no debt whatsoever came at a price. While holding down various full time jobs and the responsibilities of a new family life, Craig spent every moment he could working on building his brand. EVERY moment.

Craig stole moments throughout the day to work on his passion, whether he was stuck at the day job or not. No time was wasted as he worked on the business during his breaks, filled in to-do lists and wrote blogs when it was quiet, took product photographs on his lunch break and even sneaked off to the toilet to keep the social media strategy going! It’s no wonder this steely determination created the foundations of a business that would eventually stand tall.

Despite the fact he was competing in an increasingly saturated market, his determination grew stronger.  What he found more difficult to digest was the well-intentioned yet negative advice from friends and family expressing concern in the lack of security that comes with going it alone.

“It’s only impossible until it’s possible”

Craig insists that although starting your own business is incredibly consuming, a positive mind-set can really help to maintain motivation. Craig’s inspiration to change his life was realising that any difficulties he encountered would never be as bad as wondering what might have been. Not to mention, his desire to be free of the monotony of working for someone else’s vision.

Deciding to join the 20-week Acorn Enterprise Programme  seems to have been a good choice. Craig credits the success of Bearded Basturds to his participation and he now gives back to that community by sharing what he has learned on his own journey.

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