What’s Included in a Serviced Office?

what is included in a serviced office for serviced office users

[social_warfare]So, what is included in a serviced office and how do you find out?

As with all things it depends. Where is the serviced office? What will you be doing in it? Where is it located?

As a serviced office user, you’ll have your own wish-list of needs. Generally though, serviced office space will include your rent and utility charges like electricity and lighting too.  It will have a front of house team who run the building and can help with any queries.

It’s up to you to decide what additional facilities are important to you and whether the serviced office you choose provides them free or at a cost.

Additional services can be unlimited but the top 5 we’ve found the most sought after are:

  1. Kitchen facilities

Shoving a plate, cup, bowl and cutlery into an already overstuffed backpack isn’t ideal. That’s why well equipped kitchen facilities are a top benefit for serviced office users.  Microwaves, kettles and all the crockery and tableware you might need. You just bring the food.

  1. Community

Ok, so this one is a bit less tangible but no less important.  Being in your own space with access to lots of different people with different skills can only be a benefit. Not only in a business sense, but also personally.  Consequently, sharing success, failure, lessons learned and best practice helps all of us get better.

  1. Parking

In some locations parking can be a sticky issue. Fine if you are serviced by great transport links in an urban hub, but not all serviced office users are. Parking, or lack of it is something worth considering when you decide where to base yourself.

  1. Break out space

Clarity isn’t always easy and a change of scene can help to focus the mind.  Break out spaces away from busy cowork hubs or the confines of your serviced office, can help entrepreneurs to solve problems and talk through issues with colleagues free from interruptions.  They are also a great place to meet your follow residents, opening up a world of collaborative possibilities.

  1. Coffee

Arguably the most important of all the world’s fuels, coffee and tea make every business function better. Who hasn’t gained a welcome breather while waiting for the kettle to boil or had a moment of clarity that leads to the solution to a knotty problem. Sitting in an office all day can be lonely. We are social beings and meeting up with your serviced office family while you’re making a brew builds relationships and a sense of community.

What is inlcuded in a serviced office? – Additional services.

There are of course a huge range of other add-ons available in the serviced office sector that will come at a cost additional to your standard monthly charge.  These range from connectivity services like broadband and wifi, to administrative help like call and mail handling to printing and photocopying, and most providers will have a sliding scale of costs based on your needs.

With the best will in the world, some conversations are private. Cowork space users may find that a sensitive conversation with a client about pricing is best conducted in a room away from their shared space. Small serviced office users might prefer that interviews for new staff take place in neutral surroundings like a rented meeting room. With that added benefit of not having to tidy up their desk.

Figures on the Cycling UK website show that in 2016 around 7.5m people cycled to work at least one day a week. Serviced office providers often cater for those arriving on two wheels. Many offer shower facilities and bike lockers.

Don’t underestimate the value of less tangible benefits either.  Kitchens and parking are all very well.

LibertySpace serviced office users get many of these, and more.

So the best way to decide what serviced office is best for you,  is to decide what services you need and who best provides them.  No obligation tours are standard practice at LibertySpace and we are proud to offer the most flexible range of spaces and space combinations at the best value.

Call us or drop in, we’d love to welcome you to the LibertySpace family.

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.

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