Cut the Commute for Your Health by Remote Working

Cutting your commute

How Cutting Your Commute Could Improve Your Health Much has been discussed about work/life balance.  It seem cutting your commute can help your general wellbeing.  For some of us lucky home workers, the commute is little more than padding downstairs and sticking the kettle on before firing up the laptop. For other, less fortunate souls […]

Know New Business

We Know New Business

At LibertySpace we know new business. We are passionate about helping entrepreneurs and new business owners on their journey to success. We understand that finding a suitable space when starting out can be tough in terms of flexibility and affordability. You don’t want to be tied down in long term contract and know new business […]

Benefits of Meeting Off-Site

libertyspace off-site meetings

Off-site meetings can be a real benefit to any business. Every organisation has times when a distraction-free meet up is essential. But not every business has the resources to set aside a room specifically for that purpose. That’s where off-site meeting rooms come in. Book in full or half days and with options for catering […]