You Can’t Lose

LibertySpace free coworking session

Ever wondered what a cowork is like? Sure you have. Ever done anything about it? ‘Course you haven’t. You’re too busy running your business, funding your startup or getting your venture off the ground. We’ve heard this time and time again at LibertySpace.  We know that the early stages of a business are the most […]

What is Self-Care and how do I fit it around work?

self-care libertyspace

You can’t open a magazine and scroll down a newsfeed without coming across some reference to self-care and why you should be doing it. Productivity is not related to the number of hours worked. In fact, several studies show that those who worked longer were no more – and sometimes less – productive than those […]

Beat the Beast from the East!

work on a snow day

Technology has changed the world of work.  This hits me as I type this on my laptop connected up to wifi looking out at the snow covered landscape.  The proliferation of mobile devices, wifi networks and superfast internet access has given most of us choices about where we work. The Beast from the East As […]