Why more companies are favouring distributed teams

distributed teams

Companies everywhere are electing more and more for remote workers, allowing for a wider spread presence globally. For some industries, this is becoming essential for remaining competitive. The employee landscape is slowly but surely changing. If you haven’t given much consideration to distributed teams, you may soon have to.

Here are the top reasons why companies are favouring distributed teams.

Always Connected

While technology can be the bane of many of our existences, for the most part the good far outweighs the bad. Meaning that individuals can be easily connected with the entire world at the tap of a screen (because who clicks buttons in 2019?). Between e-mail, video conferencing, social messaging, digital media and so on, there are almost no barriers to working from wherever, whenever.

Competitive Agility

Today, agility in the business world is just as important as it is in the wild. We all know it can be jungle out there!

“Innovation is key. Only those who have the agility to change with the market and innovate quickly will survive”

Robert Kiyosaki – Author of the best seller ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad’

The business landscape now moves so quickly that companies need to respond to opportunities just as quick if not quicker. Distributed teams can be advantageous when it comes to the likes of filling key positions or moving into new markets. And with employees placed in different time zones, customers can be responded to round the clock as well as handing over projects to teams that are just starting their work days.

Work-life Balance

One way that companies can keep their employees happy is by allowing certain freedoms in the form of working flexibly, including working from somewhere more comfortable and convenient. Many employees favour this working style as it can relieve some of the stress of balancing work and family life.

This flexibility being viewed as a job perk also comes in handy for attracting talent. There’s a reason sections of the HR department are now being called “Talent Acquisition” teams. It’s becoming more difficult to attract and retain the best people for the job.

Consider the situation where the talented potential employee is the perfect candidate yet their children are settled in school and don’t want to go through the difficult process of finding a new home to uproot to. Hiring distributed teams with the option of remote working helps companies ensure they don’t lose out to the local competition.

Local, flexible and affordable work spaces.

Whatever you need, Liberty can help you concentrate on the stuff that matters; building your brand and maximising your profits.

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