Workplaces are encouraging home working. Where to work when home isn’t an option?

With social distancing measures now becoming a serious consideration for many employers in the UK, workplaces are closing across the nation in an attempt to stave off the spreading of the coronavirus (COVID-19). What may have been considered erring on the side of caution is fast becoming an isolating trend among the majority.

Some who have worked from home on occasion have struggled with the usual problems like the kids getting under their feet but what happens when your home isn’t set up to handle the productivity of an average work day? COVID-19 has taken us all by surprise and so we have been blindsided by such an eventuality, taking the office infrastructure for granted.

Self-contained Work Spaces

Coworking may be the hot topic of recent years but now may be the time for small self-contained offices. Here at LibertySpace we are lucky enough to benefit from a modular building design allowing our community to go about their business undisturbed within their own work environment.


The old adage may be true “technology is great, when it works…”. There may then be some concern for employees of companies who are able to function in a less customer facing role but are not set up for the high data speed required for large file uploads, video conferencing, creative digital media etc. while at home. This is another benefit of a self-contained work space which may not be considered at first. Opting for a more isolated environment suitable for a robust technological setup may make all the difference to the agility of businesses.


With a self-contained work space, productivity may be better than ever! Many companies already favour distributed teams for this very reason. One way that companies can keep their employees happily working at a time of workplace closures is by allowing certain freedoms in the form of working flexibly, including working from somewhere more comfortable, convenient and closer to home. This could be especially important in times of uncertainty to allow relief in balancing work life while minimising stress by having family close-by.

Blair Gillon

Blair Gillon

Author: Blair Gillon

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